Lower Body Lunch Workout

Today was leg day for my allotted 60 minutes for lunch. I find that a 30 minute HIIT workout is all I need to absolutely destroy myself. This workout was actually not terribly difficult since it’s all body weight and I’m comparing it to last week’s where I used 30lb dumbells to do squats and […]

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This is the first time I’ve ever deliberately trained for anything. After a pretty good go at the Grand Traverse Ski, I turned my sights to Dirty Thirty 50k and the San Juan Solstice 50M. Being obsessed with seeing all of the mountains, it just makes sense to start going longer and farther. A couple […]

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Alpine SUP: Chasm View Lake

The first thing I noticed about alpine SUPing was that it can be terrifying. At 12,000′, 4.5 miles from my car, about 6:00am the water was probably about 40 degrees F. And the 40 mph wind gusts can flip you over so fast as they blow you halfway across the lake. Every time the wind blew, I would drop to my knees and dig the paddle deep into the water to stabilize myself, but there were a few close calls. I few time the board wobbled more than I would have liked and soon my hands and feet were so numb I doubted I’d feel them again.

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Big City Mountaineers

Working in Aurora at a small experimental highschool right off the freeway, I had the pleasure of tutoring basic Algebra with a population I couldn’t believe. “Hey Meester!” they would call in the hallway as they walked into the room to tell me about their stagnant weekends. Some kids had gone to the movies and […]

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Long’s Peak Highline

My alarm starting yelling at me. I could already hear Richard stirring in his sleeping bag outside. It wouldn’t be light out for at least 4 hours, a little bit more than I’d just slept. We had to be up early to make it up to Chasm View Lake, where Scott, Scotty and Finn were […]

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