Taper Week: Longest Days of the Year

20170610_061337The San Juan Solstice 50M is just 3 days away. I’m currently trying to rest and relax as much as possible – a practice commonly referred to a “tapering”. Tapering is funny for a few reasons:

  • My appetite goes haywire
  • Harder to go to bed early
  • Constantly have to remind myself to not do anything.

After 15 weeks of intense building and rebuilding, I feel like I’ve transformed my body for this event through:

  • A well defined fitness schedule
  • Practicing and strengthening analogous movements
  • Mental awareness of the process.

With only 3 days left, there’s nothing left to do but rest my body and set the correct frame of mind. I’ll be focusing on hydration and breathing this week to make sure that my body is ready to go deep into the red.

If you have any ideas for keeping myself busy while I’m tapering, comment with them below. If you want to hear about the hilarious things that happen to me during the race, make sure to subscribe!



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