Originally written in early May. Never published… Not really finished…

I’m about 5 weeks into my intentional training and we ran about 24 miles on Sunday. It had snowed all of Friday and Saturday, so we hit Magnolia Road and decided to do the full out and back from Boulder Canyon to Peak to Peak Highway and back. 3800′ ascent there and back. I was actually very excited as I’d heard a lot about this road before and couldn’t wait to see it all in one go.

The run was super fun. I was having a blast as I think it’s super fun running with Caleb, Sarah, Liz and Kelsey. Despite how much fun it was, my knee started hurting! It was like I’d slammed it against a hot sidewalk and my kneecap burned. It stung as I powered through the last 6 miles or so of the day with a lingering suspicion that this might be an issue.

I lamented my new found weakness and tried my best to deconstruct my five weeks’ training to see what I was missing. What had I forgotten?

Monday rolled around and Sarah was up getting ready to run. My phone said 5:30am and I couldn’t. There was just no way. I told Sarah I couldn’t go, but she was ready and I love running with her, so I moved my leg and OW! My knee had stiffened over night and now I couldn’t move it without pain in front of my kneecap. Full of self pity, I told Sarah I couldn’t go and I turned my light back off…

I opened my inbox at work and Nick had sent me some great information on knees. I’m a very analytical person and my brain loved the breakdown from anatomy to diagnosis to treatment. I have personally concluded that I have a common case of runners knee. It’s also referred to as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFP) and I’m going to beat it as quickly as possible and get back onto the plan.

Let’s see if I can organize my thoughts:


  • The weekend before this injury was a travel weekend and I took 4 days off(Sat-Monday).
    • I believe this was a great break and have learned that I like training in 3-4 week cycles for this type of schedule.
  • Tuesday – Core Workout
  • Wednesday – Leg Workout
    • Noticed a slight pinch in the left  knee during exercise. Obviously, it was during deep, dynamic squat jumps.
  • Thursday – Run at lunch (Near 7:30 pace, fast for me)
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – Ski Sick Powder
  • Sunday – Run 24 miles on Mag Road
    • Pain in left knee
  • Monday – Pain in left knee and limping


  • Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes Hip flexors, IT Band and maybe even the calves are imbalanced.
  • Quad to tight, hamstring too sore to counteract
  • Rolling left ankle consistently could be associated in some way
  • Maintain mileage when possible.
  • Cease mileage and most activity if ambient pain exists or pain wakes me up

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