2017 Golden Gate Dirty 30

Selfies with random racers.

Being the second time running the Golden Gate Dirty 30, my only goal was to improve my time and make less mistakes. Since I hadn’t really trained the year before, I set the bar pretty low. This year, with more specific training and a strategy for pace and nutrition on race day, it felt easy to improve.

My knee didn’t hurt! Apparently my rehabbing techniques worked or my aches and pains just decided to go away by themselves.

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Bullet Points about this race:

  • It’s fun because the course is beautiful and all my friends are there.
  • I decided to carry a backpack with water and it was glorious! I could drink whenever I wanted to.
  • Don’t forget headphones, but if you do, ask around. I bet someone has a pair to lend you.
  • Stopping at each aid station to chew some real food may have cost me some minutes, but maybe it saved me a few hours? We’ll never know.
  • Smoothies always help race day poops move along.
  • The post race ice cold creek bath is not to be missed. Pairs well with post race beer.

Looking forward to SJS50.

20170603_180741What’s interesting about only having 3 weeks between a training race and a “goal” race is that there is little/no time to make any changes. I have two weeks of high volume maintenance, 1 week of taper and then I’m running 50 miles.

Really looking forward to not caring about running.



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