Notes on First Training Plan

20170425_185818This year,

I’ve signed up for my second and third ultramarathons. I’m running 30miles the first weekend of June and 50 miles the last weekend of June.

Knowing that I would need a training plan I set to work creating one for myself. I know a coach would be valuable- I highly recommend that anyone trying this, get a coach, but I’m trying it myself with the resources I have available.

20170417_184235.jpgGroup Runs I usually attend:

  1. Monday morning- Golden Mountain Runners Sunrise Run
  2. Monday Evening- Rocky Mountain Runners Green Mountain
  3. Tuesday Evening- Golden Mountain Runners Mountain Toad

20170417_062440_001.jpgThoughts on structure of the plan.

  1. Long run on weekend day
  2. High intensity and high duration events should be spaced out.
  3. Rest Day>Long Day>Recovery Day [Format for Long Runs]
  4. Lunch is limited to less than 1 hour

With these constraints, I started by envisioning crossing the finish line of San Juan Solstice. 50 mile smiles and probably tears, I look at my watch and what time does it say? I looked at old times on and read race reports trying to figure out who I felt like I related enough to. I settled on a time of sub 12 hours for the 50 Mile and sub 6 hours for the 30 Mile. Part confidence, part guess.

I settled on a plan that has me running at least 4 days a week. Besides the runs I mentioned above, I do the long run on Saturday and one other run either Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday. Friday is rest day because Saturday is long day and I like to be able to do a long recovery activity on Sunday and just laze a little. My friends Mike and John and I just started a routine of running at lunch on Tuesdays and biking at lunch on Thursdays.

I also wanted to throw in a little gym time, so I added two HIIT (Tabata style) workouts. Maybe I’m wrong, but I decided I was going to focus on Core and Lower Body strength workouts. High Intensity Interval Training is quick and motivates me to workout more often so I’m going to keep doing it and see what happens. Monday is a high volume day, so I do abs on Monday. Wednesday is pretty open and lifting heavy weight legs is for lunch. After work on Wednesdays, I can do a recovery run to get that junk moving after going back to the desk.

20170415_111203The Plan:

Monday AM: Run 4 miles Chimney Gulch

Monday Lunch: Abs HIIT 30 minutes

Monday PM: Run 6 miles Green Mountain (Boulder)

Tuesday Lunch: Run 6 miles flat

Tuesday PM: Golden Mountain Runners 6 miles

Wednesday Lunch: Legs Lift 30 minutes

Wednesday PM: recover run 4-6 miles

Thursday Lunch: Road Bike 18 Miles Flat or 12 Miles Hills

Thursday PM: Great time to go climbing if I have any gas left…

Optional Thursday PM: Hill Workout 1 hr 5-6 Miles

Friday: REST DAY!

Saturday: Long Run (15-35 miles increasing through Dirty 30 until 2 weeks before SJS50)

Sunday: Recovery Activity 2 hrs (jogging, biking, skiing, climbing, whatever it is just don’t go to hard)

20170409_114953.jpgThoughts On First 4 Weeks of Training:

  • Flexibility is important
  • Mondays and Tuesday are hard.
  • Social events and running partners make it easier to stay committed and honest.
  • My Suunto Ambit 3 Peak reminds me of an intention I set a while back.
  • Long runs are easy peezy if I promise myself Brunch afterwards.
  • Slow miles aren’t junk miles if you use them right.
  • Eating lots of ice cream is totally acceptable.
  • So much laundry.
  • Work travel makes it tough to stay on track.
  • Rest and recovery are the only mandatory aspects of this plan. Everything else is optional.




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