San Juan Solstice 50

15 weeks of training has an infinite amount of conclusions. At any moment, I could have succumbed to injury, boredom or fear. Each week, the walls narrowed and what was a vast expanse of opportunity morphed into singular focus.

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Originally written in early May. Never published… Not really finished… I’m about 5 weeks into my intentional training and we ran about 24 miles on Sunday. It had snowed all of Friday and Saturday, so we hit Magnolia Road and decided to do the full out and back from Boulder Canyon to Peak to Peak Highway […]

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Notes on First Training Plan

This year, I’ve signed up for my second and third ultramarathons. I’m running 30miles the first weekend of June and 50 miles the last weekend of June. Knowing that I would need a training plan I set to work creating one for myself. I know a coach would be valuable- I highly recommend that anyone trying […]

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Lower Body Lunch Workout

Today was leg day for my allotted 60 minutes for lunch. I find that a 30 minute HIIT workout is all I need to absolutely destroy myself. This workout was actually not terribly difficult since it’s all body weight and I’m comparing it to last week’s where I used 30lb dumbells to do squats and […]

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This is the first time I’ve ever deliberately trained for anything. After a pretty good go at the Grand Traverse Ski, I turned my sights to Dirty Thirty 50k and the San Juan Solstice 50M. Being obsessed with seeing all of the mountains, it just makes sense to start going longer and farther. A couple […]

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