Big City Mountaineers

Working in Aurora at a small experimental highschool right off the freeway, I had the pleasure of tutoring basic Algebra with a population I couldn’t believe. “Hey Meester!” they would call in the hallway as they walked into the room to tell me about their stagnant weekends. Some kids had gone to the movies and […]

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Long’s Peak Highline

My alarm starting yelling at me. I could already hear Richard stirring in his sleeping bag outside. It wouldn’t be light out for at least 4 hours, a little bit more than I’d just slept. We had to be up early to make it up to Chasm View Lake, where Scott, Scotty and Finn were […]

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Growing Up

This weekend, I spent some time with fourth and fifth graders while slacklining at a school. I watched in wonder as these kids sat on the floor and watched me trickline. Raising their hands to ask the circus performers questions they had about our passion, I noticed their uninhibited nature. In about a year’s time, […]

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60m Rope Jump

  “101A off the highdive” Here’s a clip of me jumping off a cliff at Gobble Gobble Bitches Yeah!. I recently acquired this footage from a chance encounter with a Boulderite by the name of Steve-OH (Stephen Burt). The line was rigged up by the somewhereelseland crew over Thanksgiving and I couldn’t help, but to […]

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Joshua Tree Highlining

I opened my eyes and there he was. Dressed in basketball shorts with his name written on them and a baggy tee shirt, the first words out of my mouth that Saturday morning were, “You’re not wearing that.” I was taking Morgan, my 14 year old brother, to his first highline today. After several tries, […]

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